Waiting for a new leaf

There are no green leaves yet in Inuvik, despite it being May 19. 

However, we’re starting to see buds on some branches.


7 responses to “Waiting for a new leaf

  1. Here in Hay River we only started getting leaves on Saturday – on the aspen shoots along the railroad tracks. So you guys probably have a while to go yet.

  2. Well, by the time Monday arrives, we’ll be in the last week of May. Surely, by June, we will start to see leaves!

    The trails alongside Boot Lake are already very nice, watch for some photos of that coming soon.

  3. We’re about two weeks behind our normal spring schedule down here. At this rate it will be fall before we even get any summer, I think.

  4. Yes, summer in Inuvik is only a couple of weeks…think back to whatever you were doing 8 weeks ago, it goes that fast!

    Still, it’s wonderful except for the bugs and the lack of summer nights. (24 hour sunlight is a unique experience, but it cancels the ability to throw an evening BBQ with patio lanterns.)

  5. Yeah, that’s one thing I miss about the Delta, the times that the sun either doesn’t rise or doesn’t set.

  6. Shouts aloud
    Green Haze
    Who sees on the horizon
    The color of leaves
    For the first time

  7. Excellent!! I especially like this poem.

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