He’s watching you


Seen alongside the Dempster Highway: An speckled owl, perched atop a spindly northern tree. 

It was keeping watch over the landscape for mice and other food.


8 responses to “He’s watching you

  1. Taking that picture must have been a real hoot!

  2. Yes owl always remember it… ha ha

  3. wow that guy is super cool!

  4. Who who who’s a punmaster!

  5. That’s one awesome zoom lens you have. Great picture.

  6. a noble bird that Phillip took
    on a winter branch away from the flock
    THE eyes seem to tell us..
    with winter past, we should live like that stoic bird
    The owl on a naked branch High above the rocks

    No huddled warmth of winter crowds
    ‘which can beget and foster hate.
    HE keeps above the cold cold ground
    His branch inviolate

    When flocks are folded warm
    and would animals to shelters run
    That owl from Philips lens sits quietly above the frozen ground
    Waiting for the morning sun

    SO if in that owls track
    Ones limbs cannot leap
    learn to detach and avoid the lathered pack
    Turn from the steaming heap.

    Phillips prophetic lens
    really has said a lot.
    That silent click of his mechanical eye
    Makes time for one to stop.

  7. I’ll stare you down
    If I have to beam
    Like two suns

  8. This site is quickly becoming a space for poets!

    Thanks everyone!

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