Old smokey has good advice

This is an example of great typography and design: Smokey is friendly, but his message has importance!

Does anyone else think this sign is decades old?


4 responses to “Old smokey has good advice

  1. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

  2. Actually no I am completely sincere. Something about the handwritten/brushed “smokey says” and the big fat red letters really works for me. (Also: Look at that exclamation point!)

    I thought it was a good sign, and the drawing of Smokey is great too, wearing his little hat.

    Simple, effective, bold, and it appeals to kids.


  3. And true too
    An ounce of preventilation
    Is Worth
    A pound of hyperventilation

  4. Neil Frandsen

    Hi, Folks!
    I remember the Arctic, and the High Arctic Islands, fomdly. There were many trips up there, to Survey Seismic, before I finally got to Inuvik Airport, one Feb 4th. Of course, the cold greeted me with an especial surprise, since just a few days before I arrived a CAF F-18 had not made it very high, on takeoff, when the fires went out, in its engines. The CAF folk, digging thru more than 4′ of snow, looking for quick-cooled chunks, were _very_ impressed. I was impressed, as well, when our on-runners Seismic Camp had to wait for it to warm up enuf so the running gear of the Camp, and of the Towing Machines, would not snap in the cold….
    I even got to see Tuktoyaktuk, and ride in the Cat Contractor’s Real Skidoo (TM), a couple times. No, not the toys made nowadays, the rugged 12-passenger Original, with skiis in front, and Two sets of tracks under the rear..
    Greetings from south Alberta, in Lethbridge, where we can see the Rocky Mountains wearing their Spring Snow Robes, while we High Plains Folks watch spring tree buds opening.
    (I suspect that some of my fellow workers, on that Tuk Job, remember me as “Good, Good”, my walkie-talkie call, when the Lath was on the Spot…)

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