Late night thrills

Mackenzie river, after midnight: Three people are going through the water on their snowmobiles, splashing around.

The ice roads are now closed, which means it’s up to each person to decide if they’re going to risk the ice.


3 responses to “Late night thrills

  1. Thick ice is cool
    Thin ice is a thrill
    Through ice is a blast

  2. Phil,

    please don’t post photos of kids skipping on the ice, it glorifies their actions. Hey look, I’m on, it’s a form of coverage.

    Lawrence Norbert did the same dumb thing, in my opinion. He used a shot of kids skipping on ice and put a big ‘ghostbusters’ ‘NO’ around them.

    It is just something that shouldn’t be publicized.
    Or, we can wait until some kid dies, before shots like this are taken down, oh wait. it already happened a few times.

  3. These guys freak me out. About once a year someone in the NWT dies this way. You’d think they’d get the point eventually.

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