Late nights in the music lab

Here I am playing music (on headphones) at 1am, looking outside at the sunlight.

It’s not quite 24-hour day yet, but we’re getting there!


3 responses to “Late nights in the music lab

  1. Hey just for fun, here are some things visible in the room:

    1. My book sculptures (top shelf)
    2. A plastic owl
    3. Longboard skateboard
    4. Framed pages from “Fantastic Four: the trial of Galactus” by John Byrne, which is the first comic I ever bought.
    5. Quebec flag on wall (reminds me to think or read in French now and then.)
    6. Double keyboard stand for video-gamey music.
    7. Rubber/electronic drum kit, which is often played at Inuvik Legion.

  2. Love the Flag!!! Vive Le Quebec!!!

  3. See the Blue Blur
    Of the Nightly Blues Man
    Shaking the Keyboard
    Out of its Sleep


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