Not much longer now…

The weather is getting nicer in Inuvik, and the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk has been placed on 48-hours notice.

How long before this boat is used on a summer day?


2 responses to “Not much longer now…

  1. the colour differential tween layers of ice and snow and ground is a SYMPHONY of rebirth ..
    ok ok ok . CORNY .but its true. tis how I see it..
    April may be the cruelest month breeding lilacs out of the winter snow..
    etc.. but the passage of time and time frozen in time and the sense of repose a s time is reborn in that photo with the colour variations is really wonderful. you take your paradise to lightly. ..
    tis not mine for sure. but I appreciate how you share it

  2. Thanks Saatvic, and thanks for reading as always! Your comments always make me look at the photo again, in a slightly different way.

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