Logos of the North, part 9

It’s the hot-stepping Qilamik guy! He looks fast and nimble, no?

According to Google, Qilamik means “to be in hurry.”


5 responses to “Logos of the North, part 9

  1. I love that one! I think it would be better without the truck, though.

  2. I think the truck is clip-art…maybe the guy also?

    Thanks for the comment, I was wondering if anyone read these ‘logos of the north’ at all…ha ha

  3. I LOVE them. I was going to create a “best series” category for Best NWT Blogs just so I could nominate them, but I had to drop the category because I didn’t get enough prizes.

    You are nominated several times already, you know.

  4. Thanks! That’s fun to hear! How can I help while still running in the competition?

  5. You can nominate your favourite blogs or posts until Saturday. Then you can vote!

    We have a lot of nominations already, so we may do a couple of them in rounds.

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