Sunset at 11:15pm

The summer continues to approach…it’s now bright enough to see outside at midnight, and the sun sets at 11 o’clock.


4 responses to “Sunset at 11:15pm

  1. OK, I’ve set up and on a completely arbitrary basis, have decided to take suggestions for categories until Thursday. After that, we can take nominations in each category and then vote.

  2. arctic dude
    11:00 PM SUNSET??
    Wow. i have to tell ya. its been almost a YEAR since i have been following your blog. and you have been a wonderful source of knowledge about life etc in your neck of the woods. ..
    i mostly enjoy your ” landscape” shots. Those sunset shots were magic. and the raven on the telephone pole is totally cool keep up the good work.
    ‘ if you get a ” spring thaw”. i would appreciate your creative eye on perhaps melting streams and how vegetation arises out of the cold ground. I bet you could do something VERY creative. thanks again

  3. Thanks, Saatvic! I’ll post some shots when the river starts to break up.

  4. ..-. .. .-. .
    ..-. .. .-. .
    —. — -. .
    — .. .-.. .-..
    — — .-. .-. — .–


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