A whirlwind tour concludes at CBC!

So it turns out, I tried “getting fancy with the spices” and messed up. 

Instead of using my reliable Nikon D80, I decided to use my wide-angle lens Olympus E-Volt during the Governor General’s visit at CBC North today. I thought the rounded lens would work better in a cramped studio.

But when this unexpected moment came — right as Her Excellency Michaelle Jean was leaving — I had my camera settings wrong because we’d been shooting a sit-down interview in low light!

The result is a blurry mess, ruining an otherwise-priceless photo. 

Sorry Wanda and Dorothy! 

Fortunately, some of the other photos turned out better.

We’ll also get photos sent from the official photographer, who visited today with a $7000 Canon camera and lens.

(Last photo courtesy of Zo Ho and ICS.)

UPDATE: The interview is now posted online at www.cbc.ca/northwind




3 responses to “A whirlwind tour concludes at CBC!

  1. Aw, MAN!

    Hi, Wanda and Dorothy! I still miss you guys!

  2. It is such a shame that the first picture is no good…I am so upset about that!!

  3. It’s nice when her or their excellencies come and visit and leave that sheen of pseudo royalty. They smile, they hug, they listen, but in the end they have no very real power/authority/fiscal clout to enact/change/lobby anything. I witnessed this first hand in GF and again in CD. Shame really. Nice photo op.

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