Speaking of healthy foods…

It’s a baby drinking a Pepsi!

A “Healthy Foods North” campaign sure is a good idea.


4 responses to “Speaking of healthy foods…

  1. It still gets me upset.

  2. The crushing of the can leads me to believe it was almost empty, and the baby was allowed to suck the last of it…

    I am not here to “shame” anyone, but I have heard stories from dentists here!

  3. One of my most enduring images from Winnipeg (Yes, I used to live there, too!) was of a mother giving her toddlers french fries with gravy and regular C*ke for lunch…. She herself must’ve weighed in around the 90 kg (200 lbs) mark if not more. Further comments not needed.

  4. This is crazy retarded. (Glad you missed the photo a few seconds earlier when the baby was chugging a mickey!)

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