This is Canadian political history in the making!


In retrospect it’s amazing how little formality surrounds the Governor General. She seems genuinely interested in everyone she meets, and walks freely among the crowd. 

What other country would have it’s Head of State climb on the blanket toss? 

I love Canada.




5 responses to “This is Canadian political history in the making!

  1. that photo of the gov gen being tossed in the air is hilarious and awesome!

  2. Thanks, it’s definitely a classic moment of her career.

  3. The Swedish Head of State sings out of key every year when they celebrate the Crown Princess´ birthday…
    You win!

  4. Canada truly is the Greatest Country in the world. (Phil, when people say ‘world’ that only means the globe right? I’m sure there are better places than Canada somewhere in the vast eternity of space, but as far as Earth goes, we’re number ONE!)

  5. Yes, I doubt Prince Charles would ever do anything as cool as this. (I guess HArry and the other one might, but the british tabloids would probably write something like “BEDSHEET BEDLAM: ROYALS CAUGHT BOUNCING IN PUBLIC, SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS “

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