More photos of the visit

Canada’s Governor General, Michaelle Jean, arrived in town today for a week. 

She will be heading to Tuktoyaktuk, but first visited the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex where she recieved a parkee. (Not a parka, it’s a different word.)

Her speech was very inspiring and full of researched local references. She mentioned her surprise at meeting Rev. Matthew Ihuoma, who is from Nigeria and lives in Inuvik, and said aboriginal people here are “the guardians of a heritage that enriches all of humanity.”

It seems everyone in Inuvik was delighted by her presence. She’s really friendly — not pretentious at all, and seems really interested in the people she meets — and furthermore was adventurous enough to try drum dancing and the “blanket toss!”

I have more photos of the evening, some of which will appear in the NWT’s french-language newspaper l‘Aquilon, and probably also the Inuvik Drum or News/North.

Listen to Northwind today (Monday) for a 12-minute “radio documentary” of the evening!

For international readers, here is an article explaining her office.


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