Comfortable on the ice

Many people wear traditional winter boots of all styles around town. 


12 responses to “Comfortable on the ice

  1. I want a pair of those!

  2. What did Up Here say about you? I missed it.

  3. Up Here has a small paragraph on page 14 of this month’s issue, titled blogs “you should be reading!”

    They included mine in their list of three, and mentioned my chat with Douglas Coupland, I am really proud of being mentioned in such a great magazine.

    I’ll post the scan once I get a copy…I just read it at someone’s house this weekend.

  4. Wow, that’s fabulous. I agree: this is definitely a blog people should be reading. You’re distinctively “northern” and you have great photos.

    I struggle sometimes with that notion of being a “northern blogger”. I just don’t feel like one. When I started blogging almost two years ago, it wasn’t to chronicle my experiences in the north (I’ve been here too long for that) but to have something that was all mine. As I become more and more a part of the northern blogging community, I often feel like I’m the odd man out.

  5. Hey Megan, thanks for the comments!

    I think what’s served me well are some rules and restrictions which guide the site.

    1. The site is not about me; Rather it is about the town.

    (For instance, I won’t post photos if I have a party at my house.)

    2. Less text is better.

    3. The tone should be positive. No one wants to read a complainer.

    4. Update, update, update. Everyone loves to snack.

    I think is a good idea, but needs some extra attention these days…

  6. Yeah, I volunteered to help Amy pick the Post of the Day, but she’s on vacation right now, so I probably won’t get started for a few days. It will be awesome if it gets updated more often, and I think there are enough NWT blogs to pick a “best of” every day, even though most of the people who are registered don’t post daily.

  7. So what’s the deal with these “NWT blog awards” anyhow? I certainly think it could be fun! (I think wins best photography)

  8. I find it interesting that the majority of northern bloggers are written by southern “expats.”

    I find a lot of older people I’ve met are open to technology though. I’m trying to convince the students at the traditional arts class in Arctic College to go web 2.0 and start etsy shops lol!

  9. Oooh, an Inuvik Etsy shop. What a great idea.

    The Bloggies would be separate from Amy’s NWT Blogs aggregator. There are quite a few awesome photo blogs to choose from, but DustySensor is, of course, super cool. 🙂 I don’t think I get enough visitors from the NWT to attract the interest: most of my readers are from the south.

    Hey, YOU should run the Bloggies! I get the impression that you have more local readers than I do. You could take nominations in certain categories (best overall, best photo blog, best design, best post, etc) and do it with simple poll software, like

  10. Yeah, but the thing is, I would really love to win one! 😉

    No seriously, i think it would be pretty cool. I’ll think about it…NWT blogs is a great potential resource.

  11. OK, I’ll set it up. But I’ll need your help to promote it.

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