Riding a broken snowmobile

When only one snowmobile works, just tie them together! 

These boys seemed to be having fun as they zipped under the bridge at Boot Lake.

(Click photo for larger size)



3 responses to “Riding a broken snowmobile

  1. No helmets = another ‘tragedy’

  2. sattvicwarrior

    GREAT PIC!!!..
    ok now get this,
    was at a dinner party the other day and was talking to a chap who said he drove ALL THE WAY TO INUVIK on a camping trip last year. ..
    what sez I?
    INUVIK?? really,. ?
    well i mean c’mon HOW many people does one know who goes on a drive to INUVIK ??
    HE asked me how i knew of it, and i said I follow your blog and it has been very educational for me. etc etc, anyway . i thought it was totally cool to talk to some one about YOUR neck of the woods. .
    I told him that it was TOTALLY and completely opposite of anything that I have ever seen or even know about .. but your pics are wonderful and your site to me is educational, and also you just seem like a nice bloke. and great fun to read and experience. .
    He was shocked that I knew anything about it as its really remote as destinations go..
    he said he had a GREAT time there and elaborated on the ” indoor pool ” that was built.
    I said never heard of that about the pool . . [ are you hiding things from your fans??] it would be NICE if ya got pics to share. if ya want..
    SO in conclusion . thanks to you
    you are responsible for giving me the ability to create positive and wonderful conversation about Inuvik thanks to your posts…
    Bet ya never thought you would be the center of attention while people were sipping pomegranate martinis along the California coast, in a 10 thousand square foot ranch home , overlooking the pacific ocean at sunset. .

  3. WOW!

    This is an incredible story! Thanks for telling me about it, and thank you again for reading!

    Here is a photo of the indoor pool from earlier…


    California! Imagine that!

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