Muktuk: A close look

b-muktuk-close-up-1.jpg b-muktuk-close-up-2.jpgRaw beluga whale cubes, available for $6 at the jamboree. How long before they go bad in the freezer?  


8 responses to “Muktuk: A close look

  1. BEFORE they go bad? They’re not very good to begin with.

    In all seriousness, make sure you store it in the freezer or fridge. Never, ever, ferment it in plastic tubs at room temperature. Some people eat it that way, but it can lead to botulism.

    I’m taking off my Mom hat now…

  2. One point I have noticed: When people from down south try Muktuk, they are often not shy of telling everyone how ‘disgusting’ it is, and how they can’t eat it, and how it’s so fatty it’s terrible, etc.

    I think the polite thing to do would be to eat it and at least try to enjoy it, or at least be subtle in your distaste for it. Common courtesy with any international food, no?

    After all, if you tell an Inuvialuit person you think their iconic traditional food is disgusting, that’s kind of a insult to them.

    Dez, do you perhaps want to weigh in here? Is southerners’ aversion to Muktuk a point of pride, or can it be insulting that people treat your food like it’s “Fear Factor?”

  3. I’ll come clean here: I also dislike most Newfoundland traditional food, including scrunchins, salted capelin and seal flippers.

    Just a personal taste preference, definitely not a slam against Inuvialuit culture. Bring on the spruce tea and the caribou stew!

  4. Yes, I know what you mean! Everytime someone says poutine is Quebec’s best-known contribution to world food culture, I think “how embarassing.”

    Too bad, because there’s a lot of good french-Canadian food out there…!

  5. I’d try some of that.

  6. Is there a way of shipping something so it’ll stay frozen?

    What about a large block of ice inside a cooler?

  7. I will admit, I wonder about food poisoning….

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