Monthly Archives: April 2008

Late nights in the music lab

Here I am playing music (on headphones) at 1am, looking outside at the sunlight.

It’s not quite 24-hour day yet, but we’re getting there!


Ol’ red eyes is back…

Strange look from this dog, no?


Nesting on the Mackenzie

Some ravens looked like they were setting up a nest, flying with bits of scrap. 

Are raven eggs on the way?


A call out: Are you getting blank bills?

The NWT Power Corporation has not charged me one dollar for electricity since December. Instead I get blank bills, which are incomprehensible but don’t request any payment.

It’s apparently some kind of computer error, and they “haven’t forgotten about me.”

Has this happened to anyone else? Please call the CBC station (867) 777-7617, as Loren McGuiness is preparing a news story about it. 

Logos of the North, part 10

There’s something delightfully retro about these colours and the choice of font…could it be the future of the 1970s?

Not much longer now…

The weather is getting nicer in Inuvik, and the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk has been placed on 48-hours notice.

How long before this boat is used on a summer day?

It’s muddy season in Inuvik! (Hey at least it’s warm.)

Get your rubber boots on, it’s springtime.