Traditional fashion day, part 1

b-henrick2.jpg  Henrick is a reindeer herder who’s lived in Inuvik for many years. At today’s jamboree, he wore the traditional dress from his home country. (Possibly Greenland? I’ll find out and post later.)

Those boots and fur leggings are made of reindeer fur. 


10 responses to “Traditional fashion day, part 1

  1. Sweden. Henrik Seva

  2. or was it Poland?

    definetly one of the two. He’s a great guy.

  3. Henrick Seva is from northern Sweden. I’ve chatted with him a few times about his outfit. The pants are sealskin and made in northern Norway and his boots are reindeer. The elf-like curls at the toetips were traditionally for hooking into cross-country skiis – which Sami people used to herd reindeer.

  4. Thanks! It’s really nice to have this information now.

    (He’s going to be featured on Northwind today, by the way, speaking a little about his traditional Sami clothing. He didn’t mention the country of origin during the interview and I had forgotten to ask!)

  5. …don’t you hate it when that happens? You have an interview with someone, you listen to the tape, and then you realize you forgot to ask the most obvious question!

    Good thing I can “crowdsource” here and get other people to comment and fill in the blanks…ha ha

  6. phil, please put that item on the desktop or in my “marc’s stuff folder” i’d love to hear it

  7. There Came a Man
    Who Had Seen it All
    Except Himself


  8. Is it possible to get a copy of this picture for a children’s education book?

  9. yes, take it if you like! Henrick should be in the Inuvik phone book, call him and ask if you can

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