…and the jamboree ends!



6 responses to “…and the jamboree ends!

  1. Guy, did you do the skinning contest? I also wanted to buy drymeat too! What an inopportune weekend to get sick!!!

  2. Yes, there is plenty of photos of the skinning contest coming up.

    I didn’t take part — I have never skinned a muskrat in my life — but I had a great time watching.

    Too bad about your cold, Erica!

  3. Also: I have some beluga whale meat in the freezer, you can have some!

    Chewy and fatti-licious.

  4. Muktuk: it’s the new raw bacon

  5. I think you should cook it in a stir fry.

  6. A muskrat
    Playing dead
    Indeed is alive

    Happy Jamboree


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