Traditional culture is alive and LOUD!


b-dancers-2-08.jpg b-drum-dancer-w-gloves-1.jpg b-feather-gloves.jpgb-baby-wonder.jpg b-dancers-08.jpg  b-generations.jpgDrum dancing is quite a spectacle. It’s nice to see elders and young people dancing together!Here is a link to an article I wrote about drum dancers, back in the News/North days.  (I especially like the very last picture, which shows Abel Tingmiak with a young Jeremy Allen, who is probably the most photographed boy in Inuvik!)  


6 responses to “Traditional culture is alive and LOUD!

  1. sattvicwarrior

    great pics. it would be REALLY cool if you could include a ” sound clip” it would give a fantstic perspective.

  2. This is the closest I could find…this is a dance from eastern arctic Canada. The dancers here don’t carry their drums, but instead have a row of seated drummers and then some dancers.

    I wonder if you have some traditonal dancers in Hawaii? (Imagining something like a fire dance, which I have seen on tv)

  3. Dear Man
    thank you SO much for sharing that LINK. it was wonderful . VERY educational . more than i expected.
    I watched it several times. There was SUCH an important unity of spirituality [ the subconscious] and sensuality [forces of the earth spirit reaching up to connect with a higher consciousness ] .
    IT was PURE . and WONDERFUL to see…
    I saw that [ same PURITY} in the faces of the PICS you posted. . and thanks to your LINK it pulled it together. [ thats why i asked for a sound bite]
    in Polynesian they indeed do have traditional dances, which are very complex , so complex traditionally] they are preformed by the quarters of the MOON . [ Hawaiians did not calculate the days by passage of the sun but the MOON.[ other cultures also did the same thing]
    The tribal expressions that you have spoken about and shown at least have a written language. . in the south pacific there is NO written language . it was all done verbally . . SO the need for secrecy was very important as not to confuse traditional doctrine with the common people who wouldn’t understand it cause of its complexity
    the faces of the PICS you posted were wonderfully welcoming to all . whereas in the Polynesian culture the white man is NOT welcome,.
    thanks for sharing .

  4. Thanks for the comments!

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  6. When Bam calls on Boom
    Dance Follows


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