Cheers (and green beers) at the Legion

b-st-pats3.jpgb-stpas1.jpg b-stpats-5.jpg b-legion-bar.jpg b-stpats2.jpg b-loch-longboard.jpgb-stpats-phil-drums.jpg 

Inuvik’s Legion Hall — which is the furthest north in Canada — held a party on Saturday to celebrate St.Patrick’s day.  

There was green beer, dancing, celtic music and the band played “O Danny Boy.” 

Thanks to Maia Lepage for taking some of these!


4 responses to “Cheers (and green beers) at the Legion

  1. Phillippe!

    Why are the shots blurry? Was you tippin into the brew yourself?

  2. I lent my camera to someone else, and I didn’t have my good flash…can’t play drums and take pictures at the same time!

    I like the motion blur in the last shot, it makes it look like I’m drumming really fast..

  3. Also: Why is that leperchaun on a longboard??

    “Hey kids, I’m not your parents’ leperchaun! I’m young and hip! Check me out!”

  4. Is that donna at the bar?green beer, yum.

    Cheers !

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