While everyone is asleep, this mysterious dog walks around…

b-night-watcher.jpg I first mistook this dog for an arctic fox, until it walked closer.It was walking around very late at night. 


6 responses to “While everyone is asleep, this mysterious dog walks around…

  1. I’ve come across this pooch on very cold nights all curled up in front of what used to be Polaris Theater (business has changed so many times it is hard to keep track – Fast Foods now I think). Does anyone own it? They should be charged with animal cruelty or neglect.

  2. Many sad stories about dogs in Inuvik, that’s for sure! Animal control here is always booked solid.

  3. That is our dog. Don’t be so dramatic. She’s always fed and she has a home. And she knows it. Animal cruelty…take it easy. She gets loose, and she comes back. Her name is Faith…since you seem to be sooo concerned about her.

  4. Faith is never hungry. She eats caribou for christ sake. And she only wanders at night because she’s nocturnal. She’s had had at least four litters of puppies and still has her figure. I think she deserves some damn freedom. Oonjit’s need to stop putting pictures of our Delta Dogs on these oonjit sites.


  5. YES, I am so cruel in the way that I didn’t tie a better knot.

  6. Ah, good to know!

    Sorry for having spoken without knowing the whole story.

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