Eighteen shows in 21 days!

b-stage.jpg  b-bar-bottles.jpg

b-crowd.jpg b-trevor-tuning.jpg

The “Poor Tom” band recently finished three weeks at the Mad Trapper.

That’s eighteen shows, Monday to Saturday, starting at 10pm and finishing at 2am.It’s been great fun, and hopefully they’ll ask us back soon. 

Thanks to everyone who came out! 

Here are things you learn, spending 6 nights a week at the Trapper:

  • The band aren’t the only ones there 6 nights a week.
  • The Midnight Special” may be the greatest bar song ever. (People always dance.)
  • …in case of a fight, the band keeps playing!
  • Real business on weekends begins at midnight.

3 responses to “Eighteen shows in 21 days!

  1. I’ll upload my photos from that awesome night with the boys!

    You guys did great man and I wish I was there for the final send off!

  2. Thank you very much, Dez!

    It was really fun. Next time you should bring the traditional drum from the Inuvik Drum office and we’ll play “7 nation army” by the White Stripes.

    …also, Chayne’s smoke machine! ha ha

  3. Cool, I was there for one of your performances..you guys did great

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