Shopping with the Fruit Man

b-fruit-man-1b.jpg b-fruit-and-potatoes.jpgb-fruit-man-2.jpg  b-fruit-man-4.jpgInuvik’s travelling grocer — Bill Rutherford whom everyone calls the Fruit Man — is both truck driver and merchant.He recently had some good deals on oranges, because it was his last day in town. 


6 responses to “Shopping with the Fruit Man

  1. sattvicwarrior

    ok did some conversions here
    EVERYTHING you showed in KG is actaully about the SAME if not a little CHEAPER where your at.
    GREAT buy on oranges. same price down here and i LIVE with oranges around me
    SUGAR was the SAME price and your FLOUR was WAY cheaper than it is here. im actually AMAZED!. so you see lad. there are DIAMOND IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD 🙂 thanks to o technology and the airways for shipping , the staples are pretty much the same.

  2. sattvicwarrior

    one other thing. itys AMAZING to me that KITTY LITTER is MORE expensive than apple juice!!!. what are you peeps DOING with that stuff?
    one other comment . your EGG PRICES are the same. but its cheaper ifI buy them by the ” flat” 30 eggs” only 4 buck a flat. but overall the prices are very little differnt.

  3. Yes, it’s true that food prices are not so bad as people expect.

    And you can still get everything year-round!

    So beware COMPLAINERS who live here. 🙂

    Thanks for reading as always!

  4. donalda elliott

    well, i am proud to read this information, i am from smithers, for twenty years, loved smithers, a good place to begin a new life, as i did, saw the show with bill connelly, and the tours he made thru the north, very interesting,,

  5. donalda elliott

    another thought, years ago, i would drive to stewart -hyeder to purchase products as the grocery stores in smithers were expensive, so made a day of visiting the stewart hyder small backyard store, the driver would drive his truck to seattle and back and still groceries were cheaper than smithers, not complaing, just stating a fact, the fruitman doesn’t overcharge for the groceries, he sells, and drives all the way to no-mans’ land, what a very simple life to have,

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