Chewbacca? Is that you?

 b-muskox-fur.jpgb-bear-fur.jpgb-wolf-fur.jpg  b-chalet.jpg  The Arctic Chalet hotel has some impressive furs on its walls.These appear to be muskox, wolf, and bear.  


4 responses to “Chewbacca? Is that you?

  1. Thanks, it was pretty amazing to see that Muskox fur up close.

    It’s so shaggy!

  2. I lived in Inuvik and Aklavik up until I started grade 7. I understand my culture and the background of it. I even trapped with my father. Yet to this day I still don’t understand why people want something like this on their living room floors. What ever happened to killing only to feed your family? Now people are doing these things just to make a couple bucks.

  3. Thanks for the comment crystal! I can only hope those animals were killed for other reasons, aside from the fur.

    …but if the animal is eaten, why not make it a decoration? If the heat goes out, it could help people!

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