Toe-tappin’ good times (Now with SOUND file!)

b-jam-saturday2.jpgb-jam-saturday-4.jpg   b-jam-saturday3.jpg  b-jam-saturday1.jpg   

The Mad Trapper holds an open stage on Saturday afternoons.

Anyone with an instrument can show up, and usually people play fiddle tunes and country music like the Red River Jig

 I brought the CBC field recorder today, so expect an interview with fiddler James Rogers sometime this week on Northwind.

UPDATE!! Click here to listen to the music! trapper_.wav


3 responses to “Toe-tappin’ good times (Now with SOUND file!)

  1. Hey!
    I have created a new site called and would love it if you checked it out. It is meant to create a community of bloggers here in the NWT. I have listed your blog, as it one of the 15 or 20 I already knew about. Check out the badges page, maybe you can a badge toyur page and help us generate some interest!

  2. Hey Amy,

    That looks like a great idea, I’ll be sure to visit! You’ve also been added to the ‘blog-roll’ on the right.

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