A visitor from the Guardian UK

b-guardian.jpg A very interesting journalist flew from London to Inuvik this week. Oliver Burkeman writes for the Guardian UK,  (see site here) which is an internationally respected publication with some web savvy.He’s going to be writing a kind of travel piece, describing life in the changing arctic.“My main focus is to do with the changing economy of the Canadian arctic, and climate change, and competing claims for polar maritime rights between Canada and Russia, etc etc; I have a bunch of interviews set up on this stuff. But what I really need to do, as well, is just to get a sense of regular life in Inuvik,” he said.Here Oliver (left) is speaking to Chris from CBC at the Cafe Gallery, which is Inuvik’s coffee and sandwich shop.I’ll post the article when it’s published, and in the meantime here’s his column on Celine Dion in Africa.  


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