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“Visiting Yellowknife is a lot like visiting the future…”

This is too hilarious not to share! Rick Mercer, Canada’s favourite travelling court jester, recently stopped in Yellowknife for the Arctic Winter Games.

I love how he tries everything, from throat singing to traditional games.

 Check out the video! 

(And remember, Rick will be in Inuvik for the Petroleum Show this summer.)


…and the jamboree ends!


Traditional fashion day, part 1

b-henrick2.jpg  Henrick is a reindeer herder who’s lived in Inuvik for many years. At today’s jamboree, he wore the traditional dress from his home country. (Possibly Greenland? I’ll find out and post later.)

Those boots and fur leggings are made of reindeer fur. 

Eli goes to Tuktoyaktuk

b-eli-ice-road-1.jpgimgp0037.jpg imgp0038.jpg imgp0046.jpgimgp0042.jpg My neighbour Eli Arkin took these photos in January.  You can see a few buildings in Tuktoyaktuk, including the red “Stanton’s” grocery store. It’s about a two-hour drive from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk by ice road. 

Countdown to 24-hour sunlight

 b-northern-lights-march-08.jpgIt’s bright around 11pm now, so the northern lights aren’t as visible. End of the season!

Traditional culture is alive and LOUD!


b-dancers-2-08.jpg b-drum-dancer-w-gloves-1.jpg b-feather-gloves.jpgb-baby-wonder.jpg b-dancers-08.jpg  b-generations.jpgDrum dancing is quite a spectacle. It’s nice to see elders and young people dancing together!Here is a link to an article I wrote about drum dancers, back in the News/North days.  (I especially like the very last picture, which shows Abel Tingmiak with a young Jeremy Allen, who is probably the most photographed boy in Inuvik!)  

Hello from the jamboree

b-baby-with-top-hair.jpg This hairstyle is common for babies in the north.It’s just a ponytail worn on top!