Cooking sherry served on ice

b-sherry.jpg A familiar sight in Inuvik: A bottle of cooking sherry, which apparently has been finished with a little soda. Eeew. 


6 responses to “Cooking sherry served on ice

  1. Private Stock is cooking sherry?
    I thought it was a sipping sherry?

  2. Oh, maybe I have that wrong then. I’ll check at the liquor store next time.

  3. He hit the bottle
    Until the bottle hit him
    They they were quit


  4. Phil, please correct my last sentence so as to to say
    Then they were quit

  5. Whenever Sphynxter comments on an article, it’s always poetic. Even for the small articles like, “lookit that black bird.”

    Sphynxter – “Black bird it may seem, deep inside, it is truly colorful.”

    lol, whats wrong with posting a regular comment?

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