I am becoming a morning person :(

b-blast-headphones.jpg Noisy people were playing country music again this morning.(Note the alarm clock says 4:33am!)I wish I could say the industrial earplugs and headphones worked. After being kept awake a few hours, I thought “well, might as well take a photo of myself trying to sleep…this will be funny in retrospect.” (Perhaps once I move to a quieter building?)


4 responses to “I am becoming a morning person :(

  1. ha e you ever tried a “WHITE NOISE” machine. ?? they have things like the OCEAN and BIRDS and JUNGLE sounds etc. . they REALLY REALLY work . i have one as neighbors down the road about a mile party to late sometimes and when i turn my ” machine” on . you cant hear a THING. they are WONDERFUL . .
    Im amazed you would hear ANY noise that far up north in your neck of the woods so to speak. IT always look so serene.. . I always thought it would be QUIET. .
    nothing is what it seems huh?????

  2. Hey Phil, welcome to the Noisy Neighbors Club. My upstairs neighbors insist on playing drums and stomping along to their jamming sessions as late as 11pm on weekdays. Granted, it’s not 4:33am, but it’s still damned annoying.

  3. Ah, it’s too bad that your neighbours’ band is keeping you awake.

    They don’t need another member? 😉

  4. No, and I wouldn’t want to join anyways. It sounds like loud acoustic Nickleback.

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