James Bond stuff at North Mart

b-snobikes.jpgThis is called a snow-bike. It’s like a snowmobile but slimmer, and it costs $6000.Has anyone seen these before? They are sold at the North-Mart here in Inuvik. Not sure if anyone will buy it, because people usually use their machines to haul cargo around here. 


5 responses to “James Bond stuff at North Mart

  1. it’s a toy and it’ll be bought as a toy. i don’t know about your side of the big block of ice, but over here dirt bikes are all the rage for travelling around in circles (like a hamster in a wheel) over here. Our kids will be all over that when they come to this side through the Northern; and if North Mart has ’em, the Northern is bound to get ’em too.

  2. Just in time for the Residential School Payments eh?

  3. I think these might at least be easier to load into a truck, or get unstuck from a ditch.

    real snowmobiles are heavy as hell!

  4. Those are snow hawks. The The Snow Hawk is the only snowmobile offering a motor bike-like driving position. The Hawk Jr.X 120, and the Hawk Jr. 60.

  5. Thanks, looks like you really know these things!

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