“No idle threat?” or perhaps… “Canadian Idle?”

b-idling.jpg There is a new bylaw being proposed in town. It would limit car idling to 30 minutes or less.It turns out, some spectacularly wasteful people — with diesel trucks mostly — have just been letting their vehicles idle for hours at a time, right downtown.These cars were just keeping warm a couple minutes, between deliveries at the Roost.


3 responses to ““No idle threat?” or perhaps… “Canadian Idle?”

  1. It was like that when I was there, too. I hate that sort of thing, and it used to really bother me. I don’t idle my car at all; in fact, I often drive with the window down as a reminder not to keep the inside of the car warm. It wastes gas and it steams up the inside of the windows, creating a vicious circle that requires even MORE idling the next time I start the car.

    We already have an anti-idling bylaw here in Yellowknife, and the enviro-weirdos on City Council want to make it even stricter. They want to ticket people who idle their vehicles for more than three minutes. Now, I don’t like idling, but that really bothers me.

  2. You drive with the window down in Yellowknife?! That’s commitment to the environment right there!

  3. In the 80’s cab drivers in Inuvik used to let their cars run all night… has the price of gas at least put a stop to that?

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