Monthly Archives: February 2008

Hey guys, what’s happening on this side?


A curious dog from the Arctic Chalet’s dog team. If you’re reading this before noon Friday, tune in to Northwind (am 860 in Inuvik) between 12 and 1 to hear sound from the Youth Centre’s “Mushkateers” expedition. More photos coming soon! This is the Northwind streaming site..check your timezones because it plays on Mountain Time. 


Logos of the North, pt.II

feb08logo1.jpg feb08logo2.jpg Here are two logos, for a local Geophysics company and the Mackenzie Hotel.Both use circles and look very ‘northern.’  There is also a theme of cooperation, which is very well done. 

From the CBC North vinyl archives

vinyl1.jpg vinyl-cover.jpg vinyl-sleeve.jpgHere’s a vinyl record from the CBC’s dusty old back room…an Inuit record called Uvagut: For our children’s future.Many CBC recordings have preserved the traditional language in song form.Here, the song titles are surprisingly melancholy. For example, the song “I am not sure I’ll be with my girlfriend forever.”Not all ‘traditional’ music is about caribou hunting!

Fuzzy fellows

ookpiksfeb08.jpgThese are Ookpiks!They are fur owls, which are available at craft fairs and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation gift shop.

Colourful walk to work

b-pink-sky-feb-08.jpgb-pink-sky-2-feb08.jpgSunlight hours are getting longer each day.Here’s a view from around 8:30am.

Call of the Yukon

b-yukon-plate.jpgHere’s a close look at a Yukon plate. The NWT has its polar bear shape, while the Yukon celebrates Gold Rush history.

A foggy view of downtown


When it gets cold, the ice fog nearly covers the streets here.