Of course, everything’s an import

Prices in Inuvik: $56 for 24 beers. (But you get a return from the bottle recycling depot.)

9 responses to “Of course, everything’s an import

  1. Wow – Kokanee would be just under $20 usd in Seattle in non returnable bottles.

    At least it’s good beer….

  2. The return better be $26!

  3. yes, I remember getting 24 cases of Sleeman’s Honey Brown for $24 in Ontario..

    but then again, how spoiled are we that we complain if a beer is more than $3? And that includes shipping.

  4. Bah, I pay $133 for a two-four. and I will continue to do if. MMMmmmm beer! Oh and that’s no return, maybe a make yourself fancy bottle art return.

  5. Jen, that’s unbelievable! That same two-four is $60 in Norman Wells, which actually is quite decent considering the price in Inuvik.

  6. $133? Wow, new record! I heard things were more expensive in the eastern arctic but I never thought beer would be double the price.

    No wonder NWT and Nuanvut residents spend more per capita on alcohol than anyone else in the country!

  7. Yeah it’s terrible, but most of it is the cost to just get it here by air. Our community is restricted for alcohol so we can’t sealift it in, I am sure that would make it much cheaper. We can only order restricted amounts per month and have to get approved by a committee. So each time it must be flown in and they heavier the item, the more expensive. Needless to say you aren’t having beer every month, only special occasions.
    But it’s ok, just makes the beer taste all the more glorious when it gets here.

  8. Big is OK
    Cold is fine
    Beer is good
    Now is super
    But what might be Greeaat?

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