Top 40, North of 60

cbc-playlist.jpg cbc-switches.jpgHere’s the CBC Northwind songlist, as well as the radio station console.We often play traditional language music such as this song by Charlie Panikqunial. 


8 responses to “Top 40, North of 60

  1. Play “Civil Servant”! I bet it’s extra sexy.

  2. I actualy have no idea what that’s about! I’ll have to check it out now.

  3. Reminds me of the death star raygun controls.

  4. You know, by an amazing coincidence, CBC requires I wear the same helmet. 🙂

  5. It actually is very Death-Star-esque, except in reverse. Instead of hitting one button to blow up an entire planet, you hit one button to screw up your entire voicer and keep everything from working.

  6. So far, the worst mistake is keeping my microphone on when I wasn’t expecting.

    So while a song was playing, people heard me say “Wanda, why are the studio monitors not on? I must be doing something wrong.”

    At least I didn’t swear, which would be the classic radio screw-up.

  7. By the way: “Civil Servant” is an instrumental country fiddle breakdown. We often play those on the show, because it’s toe-tappin’ good music.

  8. So many tunes
    So many words
    So little to sing about

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