“Electric rainbows dancing in the night.”

lights-jan-18-08.jpg Here are some faint northern lights around 2am.The night looks much brighter because the camera’s shutter was open for about 30 seconds. (The title is Canadian bluesman David Wilcox’s description of northern lights, from his Yukon gold rush song Shotgun City.) 


4 responses to ““Electric rainbows dancing in the night.”

  1. interesting in your OTHER posts you sense the “ passing” or over the hump of winter.
    so I sit here in the south garden . its WINTER I still can tell the way the SUN is in the sky. I have tulips 2 inches above the ground[ we have to put them In the refrigerator as it isnt that cold here and they NEED that cold to bloom.
    BUT’ the poetic justice of this you FEEL the SAME thing I do .
    there IS a transitional state tween seasons. . honest I AINT kiddin y a. ..
    your PICS for the previous posts are WONDERUL and I can totally identify with them . , even tho I sit in the south garden [ here] tween 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM baggin rays.. just cause I have banana trees In the north garden Dont mean that we BOTH Dont FEEL the SAME thing. ..
    all SPIRITS are the SAME. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tis a SEASONAL thing. HONEST dude . it is…………….
    tis 60 degrees here and around 10 PM and I’m FREEZING.
    I have no heat. my FEET size 13’s are almost NUMB. . covered in HEAVY WOOL socks. AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m shivering typing this wearing a FUR VEST and have to have a glass of the DEAMON rhum to ward off the sprits of winter . yet YOU express the same in your posts [[[[[[ sorta]]]]] LOVED the pic of the truck with the taillights ]
    LOVE your BLOG. . were ALL the same aren’t we??
    just WISH your pics could blow up to FULL SCREEN . . they would have so much more meaning .

  2. Hey Saatvic have you ever seen the movie “I heart Huckabees?” there is a good monologue there that talks about this idea of interconnectedness.

    As for the pics, WordPress just doesn’t allow me to do thumbnails without the post’s image appearing way too small. I could add two files, but it would double the time it takes to do a post and it just seems like it would slow everything down.

    Also be sure to check out the new “globe” link to the right, with photos from around the world..

  3. nope…….. havent heard of the movie sorry, actually…. i NEVER see movies, listen to the radio EVER play music, [ yet i have 3 CDS out on classical piano stuff. wierd huh??]
    but i WILL check out the globe thing. thanks for shareing :),

    Is like a skirt
    Swaying in the wind
    Urging to follow
    Into the deep of night

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