Bright lights in the darkness


When it’s -40 degrees, the last thing you want is to get stranded outside and have to wait for a towing!


7 responses to “Bright lights in the darkness

  1. I hate to drive, partly because I can’t stand it when my car won’t start. I walk whenever possible, but I had to take the car today.

    I was really nervous about the cold, so I did EVERYTHING RIGHT. At lunchtime, I drove my car around for about half an hour. It wasn’t happy about starting, but I knew it was the only way to be reasonably certain that it would run at the end of the day. I even left the office right at 5:00, which NEVER happens.

    The engine made that pathetic coughing sound and refused to start. It is basically a block of ice outside my office.

    I wanted to cry.

  2. Ah, that is a sad story. How cold was it outside?

  3. About -40 (maybe a degree or two above). It’s the same temperature today, so I get to do it all over again with our other vehicle.

    Best-case scenario: I arrive home with two fully functional vehicles.

    Worst-case scenario: I leave both vehicles on the street next to my office.

  4. Well, best of luck with that! Let me know how it works out.

  5. Success!

    I mean that in the sense that my car is now sitting in my driveway with a dead battery instead of on the street with a dead battery.

    It’s funny how everything is relative. For example, I’m really looking forward to the forecasted -25 this weekend.

  6. here in the UK we get a few flakes of snow and it is a national crisis. We should learn but we don’t.

  7. Where there’s light
    There’s warmth
    They say

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