One for the hockey fans

hockey-autograph.jpg Can anyone read this NHL autograph? I believe it is from Guy Lafleur, who grew up in the same town (Thurseau, Que) as my mom.  


13 responses to “One for the hockey fans

  1. what was your first hint? 😉

  2. I can’t read his handwriting!

  3. To North Wind; All the best. Guy Lafleur, 10 (being his jersey number).

  4. Does that say “To Northwind”? That’s awesome! I’ve never seen that — is it up in the kitchen or did you find it in a pile of old stuff?

  5. Guy was in town a few years back, for a fundraiser hockey game against the old timers in town. I didn’t meet him, but got an autograph.

  6. This is on the side of Wanda’s desk at the CBC office. I guess it’s from the era when they didn’t wear helmets.

  7. He never wore a helmet, he was classic old school puck playing pimpness. ooh yah!
    BTW: much respect for big pimpin! CHUUURCH

  8. church!

    .. like, represent, tell it to the choir, sing it loud and proud. I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but Snoop was famous for it.

  9. It’s hilarious that the guy from Inuvik is providing tips on talking like a gangsta.

  10. It’s all global culture now! Magazines, movies, music, internet…it doesn’t matter where you live anymore, everyone has the same cultural frame of reference.

  11. My bro is a die hard habs fan and went to see the habs oldtimers play the local cops for charity back home. The Flower was there and he scooped autographs on jerseys owned by him and my nephew. It looks authentic to me.

  12. Style is the man
    Flower Power
    Was high style

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