We’ve hit -40 degrees!

jan15-road.jpgjan15-liquor-store.jpgjan15heat.jpgjan15-road2.jpg  jan15walking.jpgToday was another yearly marker for Inuvik. We finally hit -40 degrees celcius. With the windchill, it might have even been colder.  At this temperature, there is an ice fog which rolls near the ground.  Hell of a day to be walking around taking photos! But seeing nature get this cold is mighty impressive. 


8 responses to “We’ve hit -40 degrees!

  1. have you seen sublimation yet? Like from exhaust?

  2. I searched sublimation on google, but I am not sure what that means. Do you mean ice crystals forming on the pipes?

  3. Just curious, Phil — do you find the cold really starts to affect your camera around -40? I can imagine your battery doesn’t last very long, for one thing.

  4. Hey Ian,

    Yes, the cold definitely affects the battery life. (Luckily I don’t last very long outside either, so it’s never run out on me.)

    Another problem is using metal objects like my tripod, which get very cold and difficult to carry around.

    Another camera note: If you stay outside too long, you will sometimes feel the focus start to get harder to turn, or hear a groan from the autofocus motor as the components start to seize.

    At that stage, I usually pack it in and head home.

    (I should note, earlier this winter I was taking photos of someone ice fishing, and a splash of water went across my lens. It froze on contact so I had to remove the UV filter.)

  5. Never thought of the tripod issue, but now that you mention it — fairly obvious! Cheers.

  6. I would like to know what is the time in the day you took the picture. What time of the day is the brightess? Is there any sun at some point ? Tks

  7. These photos were taken around 6pm. There was no sun, but there was a bit of a glow as you can se.

  8. They say Minus 40 Centigrade
    Is equal to Minus 40 Farenheight
    Might as well call it Minus 40

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