Suddenly, the worst of winter is over.

first-sun-2008.jpg   Today marked the triumphant, inspiring and warm return of the sun. It’s been appearing for a few days now, but I guess everyone in town has their own story about the first sighting after winter darkness. You forget how generous nature can be.   This truck is driving on an ice road. 


6 responses to “Suddenly, the worst of winter is over.

  1. So envious of you Phil! I’ve still got another month to go before we are graced with the suns presence …. and I can’t wait for it. But it is nice to see it appearing in other communities across the North, as soon it will be way up here in Arctic Bay.

  2. Hang in there, Kennie! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your blog very much!

  3. Happy Sun-day!

    Carolyn H.

  4. A little pre-mature I guess, claiming winter to be over. mooo ha ha

  5. I just think the sunlight makes a big difference.

    You can only go so long listening to Beach Boys records while looking at your computer’s “beach scenes” screensaver.

  6. Hallah Is Great
    Yahwe is Hot
    Sun is God

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