Stairs at Parkview apartments

 First thought in the morning: Don’t fall down the stairs…

8 responses to “Stairs at Parkview apartments

  1. Every time I’d go by there, I’d wonder how people ever steel themselves up to move stuff in there. I don’t even think I could lug groceries up those stairs. No way was I hauling my couch up there.

  2. Overall it’s a nice building, but I sometimes regret moving there. On Saturday, my upstairs neighbours were jig dancing — with a fiddle, and everything — at FIVE in the morning! It sounded like people were stomping grapes. I thought my picture frames were going to fall off their hooks.

    Life in Inuvik I guess!

  3. …I should add, it’s dark in the morning now! That photo was taken at 2pm> 🙂

  4. I love this picture. It looks like a Disneyworld attraction! I guess I’d like it a bit less if I had to go out, sleepy, in the morning… I hope the apartments there are rented with furniture! As for your neighbours, mine are the same, but they also have a couple of barking dogs. You signed for one year… I BOUGHT this place. 😦 Should I rent it and go to Inuvik? This is my everyday question! 🙂

  5. I chose not to rent an apartment with furniture, because it saves me rent money. (Also, I am not picky and I can use a sideways kitchen cabinet as a side table.)

    Of course, Elena, I cannot answer whether or not you should come to Inuvik. All I can do is offer you a look! If you are fascinated by Canada’s arctic — dog sleds, ice roads, etc — I would say it’s a good place to live.

    (Though be sure to check out the blog “Open Head Space,” from Quaqtaq which is on the sidebar. Inuvik is actually more developed and therefore less picturesquely ‘northern’ than the eastern arctic, or so I hear.)

  6. I’ve been up and down those self same stairs many a time when I lived in that building….

  7. Nice Blog, nice pictures and interesting content! I am moving to Inuvik in two weeks from now. I can’t wait to be there!

  8. Architecture is an art
    When it’s done by artists
    And a craft
    By you and me

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