Funny ad from Iqaluit

baffin-ops.jpg  Sea otters wearing sunglasses!    


7 responses to “Funny ad from Iqaluit

  1. How did you come about finding this?!

  2. It’s in the NWT yellow pages, and it just happened to catch my attention. My camera was on my desk…

  3. I love your blog! It keeps showing me you have many funny things up there. You are my open gate to Inuvik. I am still laughing for your Jan4th post about the “Alien species kept alive in Inuvik”: it is the typical plant EVERYBODY owns and keeps on the stairs here in Italy!! We call it “Little trunk of Happiness”. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing a place with a single traffic light!

  4. Thank you Elena! It’s so much fun to think my photos are seen by someone living in Italy.

    What will you be doing in town?

  5. I still don’t know if I’ll be in Inuvik, but I know they need a Physiotherapist at the Hospital. I think I’ll try to get that job… Am I crazy?

  6. The hospital is a good place to work and the people are friendly.

    But I can only imagine your moving expenses from Italy!

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