Does this look 3D? Or is it just making you seasick?




Lunchbreak experiment: A little trick called a stereoscopic image.

I first discovered this idea here, and I must admit the result isn’t perfect. (I think there’s too much distance between photos and they aren’t well aligned.) 

Still….it kind of works, doesn’t it? 

Note to photographers: The trick is to create two images which are side-by-side with identical framing. (ex: The Eskimo Inn sign is at the centre of the frame but the tripod was moved a foot sideways.)  The back and forth motion leads to a sense of depth perception.

Expect to see a few more of these now and then in the new section called “video and motion.”

LATER NOTE: Can we agree than the middle image is the best one? Which do you think is most effective?


12 responses to “Does this look 3D? Or is it just making you seasick?

  1. Try to make the shots tighter and also (if you can) try to speed up the rate at which each image is shown.

  2. Yeah I think that’s the solution. Less motion and a quicker wiggle…next batch will be different.

  3. Yeah, I think the idea is that you want to move the camera by about the distance between your eyes (2.5″ approx.). Essentially youre just trying to replicate a sense of normal human vision.

  4. Definitely need to speed up the rate at which the pictures are shown – might even want to consider taking the pictures using a continuous shot setting when taking the pictures.

    I do agree that the one in the middle is the best, I like the car going back and forth. Found that pretty amusing.

  5. I feel sick… but it’s still pretty cool. I think the first one is good, but the second one is neat because of that car going back and forward…lol like a toy car being moved by some invisible kid.

  6. Yes, I think next time I’ll wait for the street to be empty, so there are no “ghosts.”

    I just saw that dinosaur and decided to see if it would work at home.

  7. wonderful wonderful wonderful . whats the SOFTWARE??
    I tried to see what it was and all i got was those dinos..
    you would LOVE “MORPHING. ..” tis a ” step up” from “gifs”. . and gives you a LOT more creative freedom.
    i dont know if your useing a PC or not. . but a PC has somethig called WINDOWS MOVIEMAKER. its GREAT fun. and i bet it woudl strech your cretivity.
    keep up the good work. …
    thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I use a free program for Mac called “GIFfun.” All you do is save images as GIF files, drag them into the window, and click “loop forever” or “loop once” and set the time.

    So, these are a two-picture sequence wherereas the fireworks and water tower have about 5-7 frames.

  9. Great stuff man!

    The middle is definetly the best one. After seeing the oil tank in anigif, I was getting a bit tired of it, but this is something on a new level!

  10. Thanks Dez — I will definitely keep trying to improve this idea.

    Real stereoscopic photography has two cameras put together, so you could capture sports or something like a water splash.

  11. Have you done it with two cameras yet? I know it might be a bit tricky, but it would be so sweet. I guess you’d need a remote, or a second person? maybe the timer? idk man, just tossing ideas around.

  12. To avoid distraction you would need two nearly identical cameras (I suppose I could rig up my cameras to take a shot.)

    It’s the same principle as “bullet time” in the film The Matrix, which was a series of still cameras on a “rail” leading to a rotation effect in animation later.

    I’ll keep trying these out, and eventually the effect will become clearer. (For instance, the dinmosaur is pretty well done in that example, it would be fun to have something like the Visitors’ Centre statue in similar 3d)

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