Logos of the North, part 1


gnwt logo


Here’s a new feature: We will look at corporate logos and iconic graphic design in the north.

A great logo will capture people’s idea of “the north” in only a few lines. Here are three great examples:

1.The syllabics on the CBC button.
2.The GNWT’s famous polar bear.
3.A satellite dish and drum dancer, for the Inuvialuit Communications Society.

All are very pleasing designs. They are simple and evoke a concept of north.


3 responses to “Logos of the North, part 1

  1. CBC North’s is the best. It would be even better if there was only one line of syllabics instead of two lines of syllabics and one of English. The CBC gem is strong enough to stand on its own: you’d understand immediately that it’s CBC North with just the gem and one line of syllabics.

    ICS’s logo is pretty good. It shows you exactly what they do. I’d like to see if they could graphically turn the drum into a satellite dish, but perhaps that’s stretching it a bit. It’s OK as it is.

  2. “Gem” is an interesting choice of words to describe the the CBC logo. (Because it’s n0t a sphere, it’s not radio wave pattern, it’s not really a ripple across water, etc.)

    I especially like the way the “T” and the “h” are modified so they resemble syllabics in themselves.

    In fact, I think the CBC logo is among the top 5 best Canadian brand icons of all time. (Others being the Maple Leaf, the Montreal Canadians “C with an H”) the Via Rail font with the yellow bars, and the Hudson’s Bay writing with the “Ribbon Letter B”)…purely subjective, but I always enjoy seeing those logos.

  3. I’m not sure who came up with the term “gem” for the CBC logo, but it’s the word their own PR people use, so I’m guessing it’s the official term. It’s better than “exploding pizza”, which was a very UNofficial term for the last MotherCorp logo.

    Methinks some PR person decided to get ahead of the critics and pre-emptively came up with a nice name. 🙂

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