Idea: Could airships dramatically change the north?

A conceptual drawing of an airship, which might one day bring cargo to the north.

Lockheed's design, taken from its website

Here’s an amazing idea heard on CBC’s “Trailblazer” morning show today: Lockheed Martin and other companies are developing prototypes for relatively inexpensive “airships.”

It turns out northern diamond mines spent more than $100 million on airplane cargo last year, and it’s obviously expensive flying milk and oranges to places like Cambridge Bay or Ulukhaktok.

According to the report, these blimps could change cargo from dollars per ton to pennies per ton, and could start flying within 5-10 years. They were originally designed for military use, such as carrying tanks.

(These two images are taken from Google image search. Neat, eh? Looks like science fiction but maybe not!)


3 responses to “Idea: Could airships dramatically change the north?

  1. Here’s your blimp:

  2. Wow, no wonder they keep seeing “UFO’s” in Nevada. That thing is awesome. It looks like it uses hovercraft technology instead of conventional landing gear.

  3. I am just worried about it being blown sideways in northern winds.

    But otherwise, I think it’s a great idea! Cheap shipping to Africa, the north, remote locations, etc, could make a big difference for many people.

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