Monthly Archives: January 2008

Hey chubby


Here’s another view from the dog pound. Some puppies were recently born there.


Of course, everything’s an import

Prices in Inuvik: $56 for 24 beers. (But you get a return from the bottle recycling depot.)

Moon over Inuvik

b-jan-18-hazy-moon.jpgHere’s a shot taken around 7pm. (Again, the shutter speed increases the brightness, so it’s too bad you can’t see the detail.) 

Take care of your dogs, please

dog-pound-1.jpg Inuvik’s dog pound is always filled to capacity.Many people don’t take care of their dogs — leaving them outside while pregnant, etc —  and so the town has to confiscate animals.   Some are shipped to Edmonton or adopted locally, but unfortunately a great number are destroyed.

“Electric rainbows dancing in the night.”

lights-jan-18-08.jpg Here are some faint northern lights around 2am.The night looks much brighter because the camera’s shutter was open for about 30 seconds. (The title is Canadian bluesman David Wilcox’s description of northern lights, from his Yukon gold rush song Shotgun City.) 

Top 40, North of 60

cbc-playlist.jpg cbc-switches.jpgHere’s the CBC Northwind songlist, as well as the radio station console.We often play traditional language music such as this song by Charlie Panikqunial. 

Frozen windows


Here’s a window of the Mackenzie hotel, which catches the cold Inuvik wind.