Fish of the arctic



Here is a whitefish (top picture) and a loche. They are two common kinds of fish, which are caught on the Mackenzie River all year.


7 responses to “Fish of the arctic

  1. The loche go by many names, Ling Cod, Fresh Water Cod, back home we call them Maria (Ma-Rye-a not Ma-Ree-a). But my favourite is from Northern Ontario where they are sometimes known as “Lawyers”

  2. Thanks for the comment! I didn’t know about that.

    What an ugly animal! This is why people don’t swim in rivers…

  3. …als0 “louche” in French means that something is not right, or suspicious.

  4. In Swedish the name is “lake” and cats really love this delicacy. However, boiling it should be done outside as it stinks up the entire house for hours!

  5. Yum, loche. As ugly as they look, they’re absolutely delicious. As are their livers.

  6. Yes, very tasty, very oily. They make a great “lobster” newburg. Also very nice battered and fried.

  7. This is turning out to be a very popular post! I’ll have to try and eat some of this sometimes…it reminds me of “monkfish” which we used to sell in Ottawa.

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