Live from Inuvik, this is CBC radio…





Here are some views from the Inuvik CBC office.

1. Reporter Chris Harbord, who has been replacing regular host Wanda McLeod during the Christmas break.

2. Broadcasting from a tent, early CBC broadcasters seem to be having a good time.

3. This CBC sign is made from crochet wool. How northern is that? 🙂

4. Me wearing an appropriate shirt for the shortest day of the year.


6 responses to “Live from Inuvik, this is CBC radio…

  1. Congrats on your new job. Glad you’re keeping up with your Inuvik vignettes.

    That’s Dorothea Funk and Chris ? (sorry, can’t remember his last name – a good guy who was a maintenance technican) doing the annual river remote.

  2. Are you at the Ceeb now?

  3. Yes, it’s my fourth week there now, working on the Northwind show. It’s n interesting job, which is still journalism in some ways, only behind the scenes. (ie: You get to select interview sources for the show and help write questions, only they speak for themselves on the air rather than going through the filter of a print article.)

    I think that constantly hearing good, new music is my favourite part of working there.

  4. good grief are you wearing a TOMMY BAHAMA SHIRT???
    thats REALLY wondeful . i have almost the SAME SHIRT. VERY funny.. made me laugh for sure..
    ok ok
    I wrote a poem on winter solstice for you . simply because you give me a totally differnt persepctive on this wondeful planet that we live from where yor at.
    hers it is::::
    the cool winter air off the sierra mountain range whimpers down the backside of what’s left of fall colours off redwood trees and California oaks..
    Sweat is cold
    , no longer scented with a days work in the desert
    or the mountain
    where streams are now frozen and quite on the higher peaks.
    a CONDOR rest quietly soaking the last rays of sunlight afore the wind rapes through the tall trees with hissing sounds that would cause ghosts in deep canyons strained with coloured rock to give pause
    before their nightly chase down to the bubbling hot springs of volcanic mud for a respite for the night and soon to be winter air.
    shivering as the cloak of evening squeezes the last remnants of sunlight out of the California sky.
    such is the rhapsody of life’s progress where now
    only the whimper of winter lies in the soft colored valleys, and strong men dream of days of summer past.
    COOL HUH???
    thanks for sharinig your blog.

  5. That’s MY OLD JOB!!! 🙂 Give Wanda a big hug from me!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your comments! And I’ll be sure to post a photo of Wanda when I return from Christmas break.

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