Wierd Inuvik product: “The whole chicken in a can.”





This is a pretty strange product from North Mart, which retails for $10.99.

It’s a whole chicken in a can.

It turns out, it’s exactly as advertised — it’s just a whole chicken, with bones and ribs and skin, shoehorned into a can and covered with chicken broth.

The meat was slimy but it made a good meaty soup.

Has anyone ever seen this elsewhere? Just seems like a wierd product.


11 responses to “Wierd Inuvik product: “The whole chicken in a can.”

  1. I remember being horrified by this product when I saw it in NorthMart. They didn’t seem to sell very many, so you might have bought the same can.

  2. never heard the like before — mind you for our Christmas I’m cooking a frozen turkey-breast joint that is rectangular in shape and small enough to feed three of us for a couple of days – there’s probably bits from more than one bird it but no bones, skin nor the like.

  3. Did you check the “best before” date on this one?

  4. LOL I can’t believe you actually bought one of those!

  5. Oh and this product is very common all over the north, not just North Mart, but Co-op sells it too.

  6. I might buy it again, it made a really good soup!

  7. Philippe,

    Did you know that your grandmother occasionally bought “chicken in a can” when you mother was growing up? I remeber it being good in sandwiches and soups but Grandmama Jeanne never made soup with it.

  8. Hey John, nice to hear from you!

    I don’t remember hearing about it, but I guess chicken in a can is pretty common after all.

    Thanks for the comment, I was wondering if you had got word of the new domain name or not.

  9. Here’s another food-tale:
    One fall in the 80’s right at freeze-up, The Bay received a shipment of vegetables by air that surely was meant to arrive by road. Among other items, there was one HUGE head of cabbage priced at somewhere around $20, once it hit the vegetable section of the store.
    I – and probably every other customer – just had to pick it up to check how much cabbage a twenty would get me. Two weeks later the head of cabbage was still there, slighlty soft and mushy and I’m sure it eventually landed in the dump…

  10. Holy smokes! I’ve seen those cans for years and never thought of trying it out.
    Well, when in Rome…

  11. Haha, I saw one of these at Northmart in Iqaluit just before the holidays, looking forlorn on the shelf, its lid coated in dust. My curiosity is now sated.

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