No UFO sightings, but great scenery



One of the benefits of living in the arctic — and especially on the edge of town — is lack of light.

When the sky is clear there are many visible stars.

These photos were taken on Boot Lake Road on Saturday night around 10pm, almost in pitch darkness. The shutter was open for nearly a minute on each.
(Note: I am trying to figure out proper white balance technique, I realize these are too yellow.)


6 responses to “No UFO sightings, but great scenery

  1. Love LOVE orange trees, black sky! Freaking amazing!

  2. great shots. I am working that same quandry out myself.

  3. It looks like a sepia tone photo, but I didn’t do any processing!

  4. Where there any street lamps? Maybe light pollution from the city?

  5. If you want to fix the white balance, maybe try it on tungsten next time. Otherwise a quick auto levels in photoshop will fixer’. But I don’t think you should change it, the colours are much more dramatic as is!

  6. Thanks ot all of you! I’ll be sure to return there next time there’s northern lights.

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