Saturday afternoon BBQ outside Ingamo Hall




There was a free outdoor barbecue at Ingamo Hall on Saturday before a fiddle workshop.

There was outdoor skating, hot chocolate, hot dogs (what else are BBQs for?) and some tea — notice the big teapots in the third picture.


4 responses to “Saturday afternoon BBQ outside Ingamo Hall

  1. Is that woman on a CELLPHONE? Is there cellphone reception there?

  2. Yep! Inuvik has its own New North Networks, which provides service.

    The phones work so long as you don’t get too far out of town. (I myself had bought one for a brief while — to keep in the car in case of emergencies — but seeing as how I couldn’t call people while on the road, I decided it wasn’t worth it.)

    Even the kids have cell phones here.

  3. But it ONLY works in Inuvik? Not in other towns?

  4. You can have a cell phone in Tuktoyaktuk and other towns including Fort McPherson.

    It’s the three-hour drives between the communities where you lose service.

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